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[Verse 1]
Po it taste it, take it slower so you embrace it
bracing like I'm adjacent my bassist I only face it
til it get persuasive like the motion to be evasive
swaying like vertigo done in infested my demonstration
damn shit is crazy but I sit and accept
I ain't sure if this is poison or the reason breath
reason I kept pushing when see I'm inept
or impeding my proceeding like integral step
has gone missing I Iove feeling the She's given
in love with her buzz I promise seem smitten
or am I stricken no control of decisions
like its the POA and I'm left to deal with the symptoms
but I'm with it cause I love the feeling that's she's giving
in the with the love injected when we kissing
Til I wake up and it's over and I swear I'ma quit
next night in the spot tryna get it again


Why you never trust why you with me to set me up
wishing to catch me slipping imprisoned is not enough
see you got me shackled people judging I leave em baffled
my only explanation is you don't know her like I do
but you live & learn, I feel at least you concerned
but you hold on to my past like it was in the urn
play with fire get burned, test my desire I turn
turn to Lundquist with the defending all these goals you adjourned
but still I yearn cause I love the feeling that she's given
in love with her love addicted it seems twisted
maybe I'm trippin, maybe I lack the nutrition
cause what you did for other niggas got feeling I'm different
like I don't get it so I love the feeling that I'm missing
in love with her love or better the vision
but let's keep it g girl I just want what I want
and I might have to come to grips with the fact that you don't


from Me, by Jonathan McCoy (Free Album), released October 25, 2016
Produced by Tommy Avery



all rights reserved


Pavy Chicago, Illinois

Rapper Pavy was born and raised on Chicago's south side. Since first picking up a pen at the age of 14, Pavy has worked to perfect his craft as a lyricist and MC. His overwhelming passion and love for music isn't hard to grasp when listening to his songs. ... more

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